Updated November 2019

-Anyone across the nation can enter the film competition! If you are not in the Metro-Detroit area, you can enter via email at


-Each video entry must have a team captain. The captains are responsible for corresponding with HFR administrators. They are also the recipient of prizes, and are in charge of allocating prizes to other team members. Team captains must be at least 18 years old. Captains must also fill out a Submission Form, which can be downloaded below.

-Participants may contribute to multiple teams/projects, but are only allowed to be the captain of one (1) team.

-All actors must fill out and turn in a Talent Release Form, which can be downloaded below. Films that are turned in without all the necessary Talent Release Forms will be disqualified.

-Films must be no longer than 5-minutes in length, including the credits. Credits are not required.

-Genres are chosen by spinning the Wheel of Horror during the Kickoff Event. Each team will state their genre from last year (if applicable), and then take a turn to spin the wheel. The wheel must make a complete turn to count as a spin. Each team will have only one (1) spin. If the wheel lands on the team’s genre of the previous year, that team will have the option to forfeit that genre and have a second spin.


-If physically absent from the Kickoff Event, participants may enter the competition by emailing to receive a genre. Participants must state their previous year’s genre, if applicable. Emailed genres are non-negotiable and will be given within 24-hours of the Kickoff Event.

-If possible, please submit films that are 1920x1080 and 24fps. This is NOT required, but it is HIGHLY encouraged.

-No person, animal, place, or thing is to be harmed during the making of horror films. Do not break any laws to create your film. Nudity in films is prohibited. Pornography, scenes of lewd sexual acts, and scenes of sexual assault are prohibited. 

-Films must be submitted by 11:59pm on October 15th to be a part of the competition. Entries may be submitted in person, or may be submitted via Google Drive or Dropbox link emailed to

** Horror Film Roulette Administrators reserve the right to refuse entries that are deemed inappropriate,

are non-complacent with the official rules, have potential to harm the HFR brand, or that don't reflect the spirit of the competition.**



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